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ICHealth equips people with data, information, and tools to make faster and more informed choices about their health.

We work with patients, health workers and hospitals to improve diagnostics  prevention, and encourage patient self-management.

We see health. Do you see health, too?

Value Proposition for Patients and Healthcare organizations

Patients gain full access to their health information

Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses for patients by 20-40%

Free up 20-40% outpatient clinic capacity

Lower operational costs of a health delivery organisation by 10-20%

Reduce administrative tasks of health professionals by 50% (today 16-20 hours/week)

The first scalable Digital Health Platform

Helps health professionals engage with patients during all episodes of care and prevention.


Reduce administrative task load


Less time on the keyboard = more time with the patient


Real time system connecting patients, health workers and various technology


Multi-edge computing with highest speed brings computing power to where data is originated, which helps achieve privacy

Security by design

Interoperability by design

Privacy by design

About us

ICHealth supports health workers to free up capacity, and to benefit from the new Real Time Health System. This improves patient & health worker’s experiences and operational performance.

We firmly believe that people should be in control of their own personal health data and have developed a technical solution that protects their privacy throughout the healthcare journey.

Our technology uses the principles of Security – Interoperability-Privacy by design.

ICHealth is a proud member of Barcelona Health Hub

Barcelona Health Hub promotes innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector, linking startups, health organizations, corporations and investors.

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